Refillable. Reusable. Reliable.

CypherCo’s Granu-Pac closed transfer packaging system is designed to meet the requirements of fillers, growers and farm equipment operators.

  • Lighter and more ergonomic than other industry offerings. Inherently safe and compliant with industry regulations.
  • Uses space more efficiently, easier to store and transport, more cost effective through the value chain.
  • With CypherCo’s Granu-Loc technology, unit removal from the application equipment can only occur when the transfer valve is fully closed.
  • CypherCo’s Granu-Flo technology enables 100% dispensing of contents.
  • Dust cap with tamper resistant seal. TPE seals remain attached to dustcap.
  • Approved for UN Certification 3H2/Y18/S*B/1502.2046-140090. Granu-Pac out-performs the test limits.
  • The modular design allows for different fill volumes and filling weights.
  • Fully customizable dimensions, allowing for a range of bulk densities of common granules & powders.
  • Full tracking capability by way of RFID or bar code.