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CypherCo’s introduction of our innovative range of plastic couplers, continues the trend for converting more liquid handling industries over to Close Transfer principles.

Using the same injection moulded materials as the valves, CypherCo couplers are fully inter-operable with the current range of commercial drum valves, in 3 PIN and 4 PIN format. These couplers are robust in operation and sturdy in construction, whilst carrying a price which makes them easily replaceable if necessary.

CypherCo couplers feature the industry standard 1” NPT thread and can be fitted with a range of swivels from ¾” to 2”. All Dispense Couplers have a Back Pressure Relief device, whilst the Fill Coupler has a Non Return function.



When CypherCo couplers are connected to CypherCo valves, the flow rates represent the industry’s highest bench-marks.

Dispense – 23.5 US Gals per minute ( 89 Litres/min )

Fill – 40 US Gals per minute ( 151 litres/min )


Dry Break" coupling conforming to BS 6356 Part 9

Here’s a link to design your own valve systems.