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CypherCo’s range of economical, thermoplastic valves are manufactured from engineering grade, close tolerance, injection moulded components. The introduction of plastic valves allowed Closed Transfer principles for liquids to be extended into many industry end uses which were previously inaccessible via stainless steel valves. The valves are available in re-useable multi-trip format as well as in a Single Trip option.

CypherCo valves cover the common range of industry thread patterns, including 2.5” x 5 buttress, 2” BSP and 2” Buttress ( also referred to as 56 x 4 metric ). Main seal compound options include VITON, EPDM and SILICONE for typical industry end uses. By request, more exotic seal compounds such as KALREZ and SIMRIZ can be specified. Neck seal options include those made from EPDM, VITON and Evoprene with profiles including circular O-ring as well as options with square cut profiles.

CypherCo’s valve designs comply with all current standards for Dry Break couplings and are fully inter-operable with all current commercial valves and couplers of the Drum Valve type*.

Our valves have been homologated by the major packaging producers of IBCs, 55 Gal L-ring drums and smaller drums, in their UN approval testing. Furthermore, our valves and dry-break operations enjoy the approval from industry organizations such as the EPA and FIFRA in the USA.

As would be expected, CypherCo valves can be specified with the full range of common features, for thread pattern, main seal compound, neck seal compound and spring materials. In addition, CypherCo can supply valves with more exotic, non-standard options of seal compound and spring material.


When CypherCo couplers are connected to CypherCo valves, the flow rates represent the industry’s highest bench-marks.

Dispense – 23.5 US Gals per minute ( 89 Litres/min )

Fill – 40 US Gals per minute ( 151 Litres/min )

*Excluding those from Colder Products and the CDS system.


Here’s a link to design your own valve systems.